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Marhaba Al Khaleej has a robust presence in the Qatar market and has been serving its customers for the past years. Our extensive coverage to the customers is ably supported by professional top management, qualified staff with a blend of experience and dynamic youngness.

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Marhaba Al Khaleej is one of the most progressive trading business house in the State of Qatar. We have occupied a prominent position in the market with diverse products catering to the automotive & industrial segments.

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WHOEVER SAYS ADHESIVE, SAYS BISON. WHOEVER THINKS BISON, THINKS ADHESIVE. Bison is in part the basis for every job because of the unparalleled product range. For (critical) do-it-yourselfers. Securing, repairing, assembling and sealing. Indoors, outdoors, in the garden, the...

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NARVA products: consistent quality and dependable reliability The quality of NARVA products and production processes are regularly controlled. Our products adhere to ECE (Economic Commission for Europe). NARVA production, as well as marketing and logistics processes, are regularly controlled...

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Hyundai Xteer

Hyundai Oilbank has always worked for the stable supply of petroleum goods and the development of Korean Industry since its establishment in 1964. Hyundai Oilbank has established Hyundai Shell Base Oil factory which produce 650 thousand ton of lubricants...

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