Product Info

XTeer Diesel D700 10W30 is the most advanced diesel engine oil designed for premium cars with the latest technology. It meets the requirements of current advanced engine oil grade of API CI-4 / SL. It is optimized to lubricate a wide range of diesel line engines under severe conditions.

Product Features

XTeer Diesel D700 10W30 provides maximum engine protection at the highest speeds. It provides maximum engine performance in the toughest conditions. It provides sustained engine durability.

Viscosity & Performance Grade

API CI-4 / SL / MB-Approval 228.3 / Cummins CES 20076 / MAN 271 / Volvo VDS-2

Product Properties

Division Centistoke, cSt Viscosity index FlashPoint PourPoint
@40℃ @100℃
10W30 81.4 12.25 147 222 -45