DirkoTM gray is a high-temperature sealing compound on a silicone base. DirkoTM gray cures by reacting with the humidity in the air. The cured sealing compound is permanently resilient. The product is characterized by a very large range of applications.

Usage instructions

  • Remove sealant residues and clean the sealing surfaces with solvent.
  • The sealing surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil and grease before the sealant compound is applied.
  • Apply the sealant compound continuously and uniformly. The discharge velocity can be adjusted by actuating the lever.
  • Immediately remove excessively applied sealing compound, as there is a risk that this may drip inside.
  • Fit components in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • An immediate sealing function applies.


  • Optimum storage conditions: cool (+5°C to +25°C) and dry
  • Minimum shelf life: 12 months in unopened containers