About Instant Matt Dashboard Wipes

Get a new look dashboard with Simoniz Matt Dash Wipes. Our strong heritage of protective car care is contained in every pack of Matt Dash Wipes, so you can enjoy a clean dashboard any time. The handy wipes fit into your glove compartment to make it easy for you to take care of your interior.

  • Guaranteed to clean and restore
  • New car fragrance
  • Convenient pack for cleaning any time
  • 20 wipes

Simply wipe over your dashboard or any interior plastic, and the specially developed Simoniz formula will protect as it cleans, leaving your dash looking as good as new. The wipes leave behind that lovely new car fragrance so you’ll feel like you’ve just driven out of the showroom.

Our Matt Dashboard Wipes are part of our dedicated interior cleaning range, developed to help you keep your car beautiful on the inside.