Producing a brilliant, white light and a precise beam, the NARVA xenon range offers greater visibility for greater safety. NARVA xenon technology means longer lifetime and 3x more light compared to a standard lamp. Featuring a special UV-blocking quartz glass, this lighting solution provides maximum safety by allowing drivers to see even farther.


Technical Type Article n° V W Base Packaging type Bulbs in pack MOQ
Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840023000 Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840023000
D2S 840023000 85V 35W P32d-2 C1 1
Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840063000 Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840063000
D2R 840063000 85V 35W P32d-3 C1 1
Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840103000 Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840103000
D1S 840103000 85V 35W PK32d-2 C1 1
Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840113000 Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840113000
D1R 840113000 85V 35W PK32d-3 C1 1
Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840323000 Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840323000
D3S 840323000 42V 35W PK32d-5 C1 1
Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840423000 Xenon_Xenon_headlights_Xenon_840423000
D4S 840423000 42V 35W P32d-5 C1 1