Product Info

XTeer Diesel Ultra 5W30 is the most advanced diesel engine oil designed for protecting advanced engine parts as well as the environment. It meets the requirements of current advanced engine oil grade of API CF / SN, ACEA C3, A3/B3/B4. It is a 100% synthetic diesel engine oil utilizing advanced technology.

Product Features

XTeer Diesel Ultra 5W30 increases DPF(Diesel Particulate Filters) life. It reduces emissions (low SAPS). It increases overall stability in low temperatures. It maximizes engine protection at the highest speeds. It maximizes engine performance in the toughest conditions.

Viscosity & Performance Grade

API SN / ACEA C3, A3/B3/B4 / MB-Approval 229.31/229.51 / Renault RN0700/RN0710 / BMW Longlife – 04 / GM dexos 2 / Renault RN0700

Product Properties

Division Centistoke, cSt Viscosity index FlashPoint PourPoint
@40℃ @100℃
5W30 3.39 12.32 167 226 -35